Depending on time and where you want to end up, here's a possibility. Take 89 to Sierraville, go west on 89/49 to the Gold Lake Hwy, and then north to Graeagle. Have lunch there or about 2 miles futher up you come to Blairsdon, take a right on Bonta Street for about 1-block and have lunch at the Bonta Street Deli--great food and reasonable price. From there you can go to Lassen, then head west on 44 and take a cut-off south to Anderson or Cottonwood, and stay overnight around Red Bluff. The next morning go out to the Coast on Hwy 36, as you cross I-5 you'll see a sign that shows "Curves next 146 miles" and they mean it. Getting home is then up to you.