I am now on my 3rd RT--'97R1100RT, '02R1150RT and now '05R1200RT and that's the best one. I really like the RT model, and for the '05 (and newer) the partially linked brakes, ABS and Cruise Control. Many, many of us have changed the stock seat to either one by Rick Meyer, or Russel Day-long saddle (Russel is the most comfortable, but may be a little tall for you). RT has great range and mpg--range is easily 300miles. Consider a fairly new used RT, they are a really good value. One reason to chose the R-bike over the K-bike, is you can mount "foot-forward pegs" on the RT and you'll need them if you plan to ride more than 200-300 miles per day. If you can "wrench", you can do your own oil change, valve adjustments, throttle body adjustments (get the DVD from Jim vonBaden) and you won't visit the dealer for much of anything.