My dislike with Hybrid vehicles maybe dislike is a little harsh. Mostly comes from the false sense that they are so green . The batteries cause a huge impact on the environment during manufacturing process from mining the lead to processing it . The subsidies and tax credits that come out of our pockets and probably our childrens pockets . The whole concept is just smoke and mirrors just like all the carbon credits that get passed back and forth . I drive an 04 VW Jetta diesel w 214,000 miles on it average 14gal fuel tank is between 650 -700 miles , best mileage I have driven was just over 54mpg .
What I like about the Hybrid vehicle is less foreign oil used . I am very against foreign oil which is how I entered into the business that I am in manufacturing Anthracite burning stoves . Everyone thinks coal oh how dirty . It was stated in this thread that clean coal is an oxymoron ,simply not true. There are different types of coal Anthracite being very clean.
Sorry got off subject, My opinion is if you want a Hybrid to not use foreign oil that is great. If tax credits are your deciding factor don't . It just gets tiring having my hard earned money get thrown around filling other peoples pockets . The whole Hybrid thing to me is just like another ethanol scam which dosen't really save anything it just moves things around like a shell game .I would rather see more fuel efficient diesel vehicles come to market preferably American Made.


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