My father bought me my first mini bike when I was 5 or almost 6, so at this point I have more than 36yrs experience . I raced MX I was injured but never to seriously I almost lost my right foot on a street bike incident that was about the worst . Do I regret any of it? NO ! Do I ever blame my parents for my injuries? No! Would I do it again? Damn right I would. I think the skills I learned at an early age helped me make it this far ,I learned very early to not panic and deal with the situation and always look far ahead . Also drilled into me was to always wear my safety equipment .That alone has save me from serious injury more than once .
I have had my 3yr daughter on my bike for short trips down our country road , and she loves it. I have had her flying with me since 2 . I have never forced her to do either of these things she asked very politely . Do I ever want anything to happen to her ? Never . But I cannot think that being sheltered and hidden from any kind of risk is very healthy either . A 4yr old girl just a few miles from me just passed away from brain cancer. It actually brought me to tears. One of the things that came to mind was everything she will miss out on, although her family did make her very happy the short time she was here.But I bet there will always be , I wish we did ???
The best advice is love your kids and enjoy every moment you can with them.

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