Relegated to somewhere around 8th on the priority list, the restoration of the RSL came to full stop until about 10 days ago when a new box of parts from MAX BMW arrived on my doorstep. I was a little disappointed when I picked 14x12 inch box of bits—I guess I was expecting a little more heft from a container filled with $800 of parts. It is hard to believe than an assortment of bushings, bolts, washers, clamps, grommets, brake pipes, caps, springs and so on can cost so much. From this point forward, I will not keep any receipts (ok Whip?). Ok, I am lying. I’ll keep the receipts, but I won’t add them up—that is the best I can do.

We are right in the middle of rebuilding the back end of the bike and so far all is going well with a few exceptions that we are sorting out.

One of the front brake pipes (ABS) came with a compression fitting that is too small. The part number is correct, but the fitting is 10mm when the original is 11mm. I think the best, most economical thing to do is take it to a brake shop and have them install the correct compression fitting vs. sending it back to MAX.

The other challenge was replacing the wiring harness. Routing was a little confusing, but we got it back on the bike by using the illustrations in the repair manual along with the digital pictures I took prior to cutting the old harness from the bike. The harness itself is a low mileage used harness that is in excellent shape; however there was some loose tape here and there that we took care of, by rewrapping it with OEM tape. All of the harness connectors were treated DeoxitD5 (thanks Phil). This stuff is fantastic at removing light corrosion.

So, as of today this is the repaired or replaced list:

• Rear main seal
• All transmission seals
• Complete clutch package
• Neutral switch
• Gear indicator switch
• Throw out bearing
• Para-lever bearings
• Reaction link bushing
• All brake pipes
• Fuel distributor
• Powder coated sub frames
• Starter
• Wiring harness
• Rear seat locking assembly
• Right combination switch harness
• Any rusted, or degraded, fastener, washer, nut or grommet
• FAG switch cover
• Electrical junction boxes and rails—for a lack of a better description
• Oil site glass

More to come soon….we are working on the front switches and the throttle bodies next.

And, we selected the colors too.