Home after 8 days of riding the twisties in the Smokies. A skiing analogy says it best:

Remember that one day, when the stars aligned and everything came together…….. you found yourself standing at the top of your favorite run, on a brilliant sunny morning, after 36 inches of a light fluffy snowfall overnight and yours are first tracks! You push off and effortlessly the turns start coming, powder flying up over your face, speed increasing with every turn, yet total control. The turns are so perfect you don’t stop until you reach the bottom, your heart pounding, your legs burning and the grin so wide on your face it hurts. You do it again, and again, and again. At the end of the day, your exhilaration is overwhelming. Your soul soars. This is why you love this sport. This day, this one day, is permanently etched in your brain. One of the best days of your life!

This past week has been one of those days! grin

Thanks to all who were part of my first UN…. Tom for fantastic routes down and back, Erik for being a great roommate and introducing me to this gang, Pat and Armando for sharing the rides, the planning committee for an outstanding location and routes and everyone else I met for making this a time of my life. Hope to see you all soon.