Loved the UN!!! clap My first rally was a great experience even though I managed to miss all events. (Ice cream, BBQ and beer?!? Geez!)
Met some nice people (and one local drunk :)) and rode some amazing roads.

Got back to FL Friday evening (home Sat. afternoon) after a long, hot ride through western SC and east GA. Held up for 10 minutes in Brantley county, GA for a funeral procession in 102 degrees at 4 pm. 20 minutes later I had to take cover from torrential rain w/ lightning in Folkston, GA in a Dept of Forestry garage. A passing deputy stopped and talked to keep me sane(?). Soon as the rain eased up, about 45 minutes, put the liner in and clear shield on (hit dry road in just 2 miles) and continued south thru 4 more instances of precip over the last 90 miles. Fun driving across US90 and seeing a dozen cages hunkered down at the gas station. thumbsup

My sister and brother-in-law are doing well. The GW suffered only a slightly bent front brake disc and cosmetic damage in the off on the BRP. Sister has a hairline fracture of one rib and laceration on the elbow where the armor pulled up. Saturday, her husband rode the 'Wing home while she rode in the Suburban with their son who drove down.

2177 miles round trip, 1/3 of it in NC. Loved the roads, loved the Inn, loved Asheville (three stops!), loved the people. Next time I expect I'll trailer to shorten the time driving. Time to start saving for the pull vehicle and trailer, I guess.

Thank you FLRider for the loan of the RDL without which I would never have made it up. thumbsup

See you all soon, I hope. wave

Silver '09 R1200RT (the Voot cruiser)
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