Well, silly me ... I had such a great time I didn't take many photos, and those I did take I took at a low quality setting with my cheap little PnS camera. Doh! I did however capture a good bit of video with that same cheap little camera of my rides on Tues, Wed, and my ride home Thurs.

CLICK HERE to watch a video I put together of that Tuesday's ride with Matts_12GS, Foot (Alan), and Dan (BarelyOnBoard). Unfortunately I ddidn't catch any video of Dan as he wished to ride sweep all day.

I think this video unfortunately proves how much work I need in the riding department. Besides the numerous bad lines, what cracks me up are the curves I found myself in too high a gear, the bike rumbling as I throttle up! Oh well, the point of the video is to be entertaining and to hopefully communicate the fun we four had that day.

Please just view and do not disseminate in any way. Thank you.

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