On Sunday I was northbound on the 101 in the #1 lane near La Conchita. It was a little rainy. I was going about 75. Ahead on the #4 lane was a Chevy Trail Blazer tailgating a rider on an older RT (4 bolt head). The rider was wearing a day glo vest and going about 70. As I watched the rider put on his right turn signal, the Chevy began to lane share barely clearing the rider. He then made a dangerously close lane change in front of the rider. I thought for sure I was going to witness a collision. He cleared the rider by inches. The rider raised his left like WTF. The Chevy kept going on like nothing had happened. I sped up a little to see who was driving the car. It was an older gentleman who looked over at me with an unconcerned look.
What's up with people? The rider was going too slow so he tried to run him down?! Still shakes me up to remember it. eek

2013 R1200RT
2010 R1200RT(totaled)