I read this and know that most of us would at sometime ride with some intermittent problem while we sort it out, or a tire perhaps not in the best shape, or a bit fatigued. We all need to notice that and realize our panic actions may not be our best actions.

One thing not mentioned was right revs, right gear, right body and right speed for the line picked for the turn. With revs a bit up , right gear, if you have no power you should have pretty instant braking from the engine.
This would be far more so from an R bike than from a K bike. If you already had right entry speed, then not sure why you would need to be braking at the point of lean. (if you did need to trail a little brake that could still be done but sudden engine braking would have still provided that). Front brakes can be applied in a turn with a light finger and no mention of that being tried. The other thing would be right body position, so that your weight is to the inside of the bike and a shoulder. Then again again, look to where you want to go.

Good luck getting it all back together and healed up. Good luck to us all in getting our skills bettered a little.


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