Thought this might be fun and runs along the picture thread we have had running for quite some time now (since 2007) - Monday S----

Many times we go out, have a great ride whether it be short or long, an afternoon or a week and we just don't do a full ride tale on it.

Well, how about we start this for just those times when you went out, had a great time and just want to throw it out that you rode, it was uneventful, it was fun, you had a great time, you did whatever. You can also just throw out a comment like, "I just went out to the garage and said hello.". or "I changed the pneumatic fluid from summer to winter version."

Post a pic or don't.

I'll start;

Today I hopped on and went about 250 miles to no where. I pulled up to an intersection and looked forward, left, and right and just rolled the dice and went.

Lockeford, Oakdale, Murphy's, Comanche Reservoir, Sonora California were all visited today and several other nondescript places.

Temps were as low as 42 with pea soup fog and as high as 73 with clear and sunny skies. Corners, straights, and braking and accelerating all took place.

Not a care in the world when I returned home, washed her (the bike), said thanks, and tucked her in for the night.

XM was on 'The Pulse' and 'The Blend' the whole way.

Aaaaahhhhh, and my new Gerbing Microwire (picked up a week ago at the IMS in San Mateo) worked flawlessly. It was good to finally retire the old Gerbing with the torn liner and my new one fits so much better!

Phil Challinor

'16 GMC Denali HD Crew LB Diesel
'16 Mazda 3 HB