In August I bought a 2004 R1150RT and for the past several months I've been reading this great Board. It has helped me to do all the regular service required at about 30,000 miles, including a CAM tensioner upgrade to the left side. The summary of what I've been doing is here at, 04 RT Summary. The only thing I haven't tackled is the Spline Lube but will in a couple months. The bike runs great. Thanks to many on this forum and to your great archive.

In the meantime, I am experimenting with a few things. One is a Wideband O2 Project that I've started writing about. My goal is to richen both Open and Closed Loop mixtures a bit to make the bike as strong running hot as it does when cold, before the O2 sensor allows Closed Loop.

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I hope to have the chance to add to this Forum.