Dinner for October will be October 17 at the TAPROOM. I tried moving the location on occasion to see if others would show up, but it really did not work. It seems even for the Taproom interest has worn off after three years. August saw no riders show up other than family members of mine, thanks. September saw two people show up but due to work I arrived late and missed finding them in the restaurant. So we are going back to the original model of the Taproom each month.

HOWEVER, I am asking that if you are planning on showing up, please let me know by the Monday prior to the dinner (email below). I have not asked for RSVPs before and I normally have not made reservations due to the unknown number of folks that would show up. That was part of the issue last month. SO now I am asking that if you plan on making the dinner, please let me know so I can make a reservation at the location. This way, if at least someone shows up on time, the reservation will be met and held and other arrivals will be directed to the proper table. If you don't RSVP but find that you can suddenly make, please do feel free to stop by, I won't turn you away. Be advised though, if I don't get any RSVPs, I may not even show up. No reason to keep doing this if no one is interested.

The time will be left at 5:30 so early arrivers can take advantage of happy hour that ends at 6. Normally folks hang out until at least 7, so if you arrive a bit later, usually someone is there. That all being said, I may be in Tualatin until 5 this day, so may be late myself depending on traffic.

So there we are, dinner Oct 17 at the Taproom.

What: Portland Meet & Greet
When: Third Wednesday of each month
Time: Around 5:30pm
Where: Pyramind Breweries McTarnahan Taproom
2730 NW 31st Portland Oregon, 97210

Hope to see you there by car, truck, and hopefully some by BMW.


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