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Hi Josh,

Thanks for the reply! The metro area is just too big for the most part to find a spot central so everyone has an "equal" drive/ride. The taproom worked for quite a while due to it being fairly accessible by freeway no matter where someone was coming from. But they have changed some and it just does not work any longer. A more central location is doable, but many of those location have poor parking or parking that many would not feel safe leaving their bike. I understand that it is hard for you to make it, others have the same issue, shift work gets most of us at some point. Would love to have you stop by some time to chat. Keep watching here or on Facebook, the Riders of Oregon have a page there and at least for now you don't have to be an RO member to belong to the page.

Yeah, but I'd probably have to be on Facebook! laugh

I'm sure some Wednesday I'll make it - I have them free during the summer, but am usually teaching during the school year.

*insert witty remark here*