there are many other parts of the country where this website has yet to hold an Un. There's the CA coast, WA/OR, MT/ID, WI/MN, KY/TN, Upstate NY/New England.

That's true, especially if you don't count Cody Wyoming (2004); John Day, Oregon (2008); and Lancaster, New Hampshire(2009). wink

I always thought the point was to ride any of the many of the beautiful places this continent has to offer while also putting names and faces together - there is nothing like riding and breaking bread together to remove anonymity. That is something which contributes greatly to the quality of this site. You are right, Fernando. There are tons wonderful spots left to explore. I think, if one were to speak with past UN organizers, one would find that they understand what a great service they've performed for this community. Back in my hole now. Spread the love. wave


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