This forum has been created for Emergencies Only. These include but are not limited to:

Rider/Bike stranded and in need of help
Rider/bike down and in need of help
Rider/bike otherwise incapacitated and in need of help

This is not a place for personal requests like, "I need someone to check out a used bike in another state." It is specifically a forum that Calls To Action to Render Crucial Aid. Help MUST be needed.

Even if it is not used all that often, we believe that by having a special forum for this purpose, people will be able to see the need more quickly and render assistance in the shortest possible time.

Thanks in advance to all those who render aid, in whatever form it comes.

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: Some members have asked for a better definition of what constitutes an emergency. Of course, there are a million situations. Running out of gas near a gas station and realizing you forgot your wallet at home, isn't an emergency. Doing it in 28-degree weather and it's the only gas station for 10 miles, and it's closing soon, would be an emergency. But ultimately, we're not here to restrict the use of this forum. We hope it never needs to be used, but if it does we WANT it to be used. We just want to make sure its use is not abused for minutia.

We can't define all the situations that would/wouldn't be an emergency. If you use this forum and it isn't really an emergency, we'll talk about it. It's not like you abused the collective manpower of this board. We'll just discuss the details later and it'll probably be alright. But do keep in mind that you should have AAA or some other roadside assistance, and that being a BMWMOA member and carrying their Anonymous book also helps. But if you truly need help, and you've got some way to get the info on this board, DO IT!!! We're here to help and if it's even necessary, we'll ask questions later. And we probably won't ask many.

"You really needed help? No other way to get it?"

"OK, we're good."

UPDATE: In order to keep this forum clear so others may get the full attention of those who may render aid, once your situation has been cleared up and the crucial aid you need has been provided, the thread/conversation will be moved to Ride Tales where follow-up discussion can take place.

Cary, Gleno, Rodger, Paul,
Godspeed, my brothers.
We will never forget you.

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