My wife and I checked the weather ... it looks like rain upon starting (40% showers), which becomes scattered showers at 30% a bit closer to Fred-burg. By the time we leave Fred-burg, it's supposed to have stopped raining there, though we may ride back into some scattered showers around down toward VA Beach.

I'll go either way, not only to help launch this inaugural event but also the check out the weatherproof abilities of my new Klim Kaddidlehopper pants. My wife said her going would depend on how hard it's raining when we leave ... but that she may go anyway as she's been looking forward to this quick trip (having something to do with how rarely we ride short distances).

So, Scott ... if it is indeed raining in the am ... you might want to checkout how far west it's raining before you execute a "candy-ass" cancellation maneuver. wink rofl

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