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Has anyone rode the stretch of 56 or 60 south east of 64/81?

SR 56 is one of my favorite roads in VA provided you're riding several days after any heavy rain storm (due to wash out from gravel drives that decscend to the road). When not gravelly, it's phenominal! I prefer the side to the east of the BRP because it has much less traffic and far fewer driveways. (I thank Neil Peart of Rush for the review that road got me riding it).

US-60 is the major E/W truck traffic thoroughfare between US-460 and I-64. It's mostly 3 lane (2 lanes going up), so the downhill side can suck if you're behind a truck.

The other E/W roads across the BRP in that region I recommend are south of there ... US 501 or US-501 to SR 130 (Thanks to Shawn ... Lone_RT_Rider for this one).

N/S but still east of US-81 are few cool valley back roads (Borden Grant Trail, Forge Rd, etc.) that are nice connectors. Not the first to do so, but I stumbled upon these somewhat accidently and decided they were far superior to riding on I-81 (which I despise).

N/S but to the East of the BRP is a great little road called Buffalo Springs Turnpike. Just to the north of that is Lowesville road. Not at all technical but very scenic connector.

And a bit further south than US-501 is another E/w connector, SR 43 (which is the BRP for a while). To the east of this are some great back roads to bypass Lynchburg to the NW back towards US-501 ... and they are: Lankford Mill Rd (I think I remember as being paved), Old Cifax Rd, Coffee Rd (both definitely paved).

Anyway, Scott, believe me that's enough to put together a number of great rides. The question is as always ... how much time do you have and/or how fast are you willing to ride?

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