For the next get together I submit for consideration Captain Buzzy's Beanery located at 2623 E.Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23223. Open daily. Mon through Fri, 6:30am to 7pm, Sat 7:30am to 7pm & Sun 8am to 6pm.

Buzzy's features the freshest coffees from around the world roasted and flavored right on premise.

They offer a full menu of light breakfast or lunch items, an assortment of fresh baked pastries and desserts, along with fresh roast coffees, exotic expresso drinks (iced or hot), olde time flavored cream sodas, milkshakes, smoothies, fresh squeezed juices, fresh-squeezed limeades and lemonades. And, the only place on the Hill to get an old-fashioned ice-cream cone!

Plus, it is within range to bring the Mrs with me.

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Chesapeake Va.