Hi Greg!

Glad you like it! Of course you all are free to use the info however you wish! I know I'm by far not the first to have done this and have learned much myself from others who have gone before me. If they hadn't posted their experiences and lessons learned, I probably would've continued to try to "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain . . . . " I would love to see any corrections/cautions/additions/tips/tricks to add to this tome for the benefit of us all! For instance:

I forgot to list the proper SpeedBleeder sizes for the 1150.

Front calipers: 2qty 8mmX1.25
Rear caliper: 1qty 6mmX1.0
control circuits: 4qty 7mmX1.0 (I would use longer ones to make them easier to reach!), and 2qty 7mmX1.0-Extra Long (the long stock ones are almost 5cm long overall--SB doesn't make them--yet!)
Clutch bleeder: 1qty 10mmX1.0

Also, unfortunately, though SB makes some metric sizes, they still use SAE stock to make them, so you need a 1/4" open end wrench for the 6mm rear.

Also, some metric wrench sets sold in the US don't have 7mm wrenches for the stock control circuit bleed screws.


Yes, you remove the cap to the reservoir and place the hose (with the old bleed screw on the end as a flow restrictor/drip eliminator) down inside the hole and draw off the old fluid--THEN--push out/shim the pistons and re-draw off as much old fluid as you can get out. Remember the photos are just for reference and are not shown in order. Follow the correct order/procedure shown in the manual. I didn't take pics of each individual step to save time, as they would not look that different anyway.

Here is a detail of the syringe/tubing I made for the job:

And a detail shot of the ABS unit showing the front and rear wheel circuit reservoirs:

A better detail shot of the Mini-Stan:

And detail of it istalled:

And Jerry, if you've got the 1100's manual . . . BRING IT!! (yours are even simpler! ) The 1100 uses different size SpeedBleeders, though.

And lastly, if you want to see the photos from the rest of the control circuit and clutch bleeds before I finish the procedure write-up, go here.

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