We don't meet any where else currently. We used to meet in NW Portland, pretty easily reached by all freeways, but the location grew old after a while, the food was hit or miss, the service was hit or miss and parking sometimes was an issue. We tried meeting in Tigard also for a while, but after the first time and many promises to show up and how great it was, no one showed, so the plan of a northern location and southern location was abandoned.

The current location was given a test ride and works fairly well due to plenty of parking a menu that has not grown old yet and a wait staff that puts up with a group that is always less than the reservation was for or many more than the reservation was for and they never have charged for split tickets.

That all being said, I would love to find a location in central Portland that may draw more people. I understand about trying to get to Beaverton. I make the trip from SE Portland to Beaverton and often want to drink heavily once there. I have looked for location around inner NW Portland or inner SE Portland, but have yet to find a location that is not overrun with homeless or street kids who would just love to mess with the bikes. Ones that I think might work often have no parking or their interior is set up so no more than 6 people could sit together.

If anyone knows of a place that is agreeable to large groups of varying or unknown numbers, has good parking and is located in a central fairly safe location, please let me know and I will check it out.

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