Im thinking about changing/adding a bike to the garage. I have ordered a Ducati Scrambler which doesn't come in until mid August but my mind keeps going back to the R Nine T. The Ducati dealer will have no problems selling the bike I ordered so i don't have any issues there plus i get my money back.

My thinking is, if i stay with the Scrambler I want to keep my RT. if I get the Nine T then I was thinking of trading the RT (its paid in full) in to save some cash. Ive ridden the Scramble and think its a really fun bike but lacks the polish I'm used to for the RT. I plan on test riding the Nine T this week or next. Has anyone have any experience with the Nine T? Any feeling about it? Reviews are all over the board on youtube.

15 BMW R9T
07 BMW R1200RT (Sold)
05 Triumph Bonneville (Sold)