Working with member Joel (Slumgullion), owner of Sticky Business in Conley, GA, we have produced a limited quantity of BMWST as well as BMWRT stickers. The BMWST stickers represent this website today. For the nostalgic among you, this place started as, and that URL still links to this site, and will until for at least another decade.

OK, the initial demand has died down and we have more than half of each of the original quantities to sell. That means we haven't recovered our costs yet. So the quantity restrictions are lifted. You can order what you want. Here's the pricing again:

One sticker will cost you $3 including shipping (PLEASE indicate which one you want, BMWRT or BMWST).

Two stickers will cost you $5 including shipping (in the U.S.). Please be clear which two you want.

For every additional sticker you want, add $2. Again, please let us know which stickers you want.

International shipping (including Canada): Add another $1.

These are printed and laminated with a UV-resistant layer, on 3M Reflective silver vinyl, so they'll help you be seen as well as tell everyone where you hang out.

You can pay for your sticker(s) by sending PayPal to PLEASE be sure to include a mailing address. First come, first served.

Cary, Gleno, Rodger, Paul,
Godspeed, my brothers.
We will never forget you.

Teach your children about taxes. Eat 40% of their ice cream cone.

Do you have a MotoReflective Reflective Kit (Link) for the rear of your BMW?