NOTE: The "Final" Registration Deadline was 27 May, so cancellations are no longer guaranteed. However, FVR has agreed to add new attendees (for dinner purposes) until next Sunday, 11 June. They will also extend the room group rates as rooms are available until that same date.


$55.00 per attendee. However, the event ticketing site we're using (EventZilla) charges $1.00 per ticket, so the total to each attendee is $56.00.

REGISTRATION CUTOFF DATE: 15 April 2017 27 May 2017 However, new registrations will be allowed until 23:45 pm ET on Sunday, 11 June 2017.

This is the absolute latest date we can extend the registration date in order to have ample lead time to get food ordered for the Group Meal and for T-shirt printing.

WHY REGISTER? What does this UnRally Registration Fee buy you along with your UN XVI T-shirt?

First and foremost, registration secures you the negotiated BMWST UnRally Group Rates. While there no way to prevent you from initially securing the group rate via phone or web registration, the Group Manager and staff will review our list of paid UnRally Registrations weekly. The room rates of those prospective attendees who have reserved rooms under the group rate, but who have not yet paid the UnRally registration fee, will be returned to normal season rates.

At that point you can lose your reservation entirely.

Secondly, your registration fee includes:
- UnRally 2017 T-shirt - 1 per registration
- UnRally 2017 Sticker - 1 per registration
- Name Tag - 1 per registration
- UN 2017 Group Meal - 1 per registration
- - Wednesday 6/28 - 6:30 pm
- - Details TBD

- - - - - - - - - -


From the time you select the # of tickets and click the blue Register Now button, you have 30 minutes to complete the forms and payment transaction (should be oodles of time). If not, you'll have to reinitiate your ticket purchase, but be ready with your payment information.

PAYMENT TYPES ACCEPTED: PayPal or perhaps a check

NOTICE: If you have no PayPal account and simply can't setup a PayPal account, the only other payment method is check. If you MUST send a check, please send a PM to Mike greiffster and he will provide you the relevant information. A check will dramatically lengthen the time it takes to process your registration. Oh, and there will be a fee for returned checks! For that reason and others, we really, REALLY PREFER PayPal.

And if you can transfer the money your PayPal balance or a checking account balance through PayPal, rather than using a credit card, so much the better. That reduces our fees overall.

- - - - - - - - - -


- Click on the following link: BMWSportTouring UnRally XVI 2017 Registration
- Click on the blue Register Now button
- Select the number of tickets your are purchasing
- Complete the form fields for each attendee, as appropriate
- - Required fields
- - - First Name
- - - Last Name
- - - Email (for your guest, you can enter yours again)
- - - T-Shirt Size
- - Optional fields (please don't skip these fields)
- - - The rest (board name, bike, etc.) enter as applicable, NA ok
- Select payment method (PayPal or check)

- - - - - - - - - -

For information regarding the negotiated rates for rooms, cabins, & camping, see the thread titled:

UnRally XVI 2017 - Reservation Info

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