Hello SportTourers!

A few of you know we were planning to leave just after the Un for a year on the road, in our K1200LT rig....well, July became September and then October. Work and our inability to get things done quickly, capped off with a need for a FD rebuild. What are you going to do?

We finally made it out of town on October 7th. It's ten days later now and we're as far as Arcata, CA! It's been a great trip so far, and since I consider this forum my home online (even if I'm pretty quiet and antisocial at gatherings), this is the thread I've put off starting until I could start it perfectly.

...but that's never going to happen so I'm starting it now anyway! We've also got a travel blog, and I started an ADV thread for my sidecar friends there - I'll put links at the bottom of this post for those who like those things. I don't do Facebook, but Laura does - so get in touch if you want to follow us that way.

Here are the basics:

We are Jeremiah, a seven-year-old (only for a few more weeks!) elementary school drop out; Eddy, a ten year old weird as heck dog who moved in with us when we lived in a Yupik Eskimo village; Culprit, a 14-year-old crazy Aussie; Laura, a professional baker who originally studied biology and worked in neuro research before turning to the dark side and running a GED program in rural AK; Josh, who used to be a high school teacher but somehow ended up starting/co-owning a small driving school in Portland.

We are all piled into a 1999 K1200LT sidecar rig - and trailer - we put together this spring/summer/fall.

The plan is to traipse the US exploring what we can and trying to find a place to start or buy a small bread-centric bakery. We really don't know what we're doing or even where we're going (literally - it's 8:45am and I'm in a Motel 6 - that's all I know).

If you have suggestions on what to do, where to go, or know a place that is in need of a new bakery OR a bakery that is need of new owners PLEASE let us know!

Our budget for this trip is pretty minimal, so if you have a backyard to camp in, don't be shy (we're actually really shy, but we're working on it) smile

All my pics online are in Picasa/Google Pics and don't work well with this site. I need to start putting stuff in something that works better so I can put them here - when I do, I'll get into a recap of the ride so far and then try to stay current. In the meantime, how about we start with a quintessential BMW internet forum picture:

I'd never seen one in person before - it's pretty neat (I mean, I guess it was pretty neat until it started to come apart...at least it didn't get a chance to eat the housing).

...and for those who dare venture outside this form, you can find more here


and here on ADV.

Thanks for reading!

*insert witty remark here*