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In! Putting it in the calendar for Weds-Sun, probably solo. Already looking forward to it!

Great Christopher - I'm happy a START works into your calendar - back to back events for you this year! clap dance revit

And YES! We're all absolutely looking forward to it right along with you. I spent the night at our host lodging in Maggie Valley on my way home from FART and had a chance to explore the area. (While Maggie isn't a new location for us, it is for me; as is the host motel for the group) That gave time to not only research group meal possibilities - but to aimlessly wander the surrounding area and roads. I enjoyed it so much, I wished I'd allowed time for an extra night's stay. (Actually, you could say that about any of the locations START and FART are held - and that's a testament to the collective efforts of many.)

For me, returning home to central Indiana after START /FART always leaves a bit of a sting in my side as I come to terms with the mostly flat and straight roads that are my reality here. That always creates an anticipation for the next event - made worse this year by some shoulder surgeries that prevent me riding at all. ohboy

I'm counting the days right along with you and others.

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