2017 would be the 10th Anniversary of NmS. It should be a grand event but due to the last few years of low turn out I suspect it has run it's course. Early events had ride leaders for every style of road rider so that everyone could enjoy a pace in which they were comfortable. I added a dual sport day to get more interest then it rains. For whatever reason things just haven't gelled as I envisioned.

Today I was asked about NmS and I must admit I saw a glimmer of light. If there is still interest in having a 10th NmS, now would be the time to get this battery charged.

Traditionally the last full weekend in April was chosen so as not to fall on Easter or be too close to the Spring Torrey. April still gets rain around here, May begins the dry season and for motels to significantly raise rates.

The last full weekend begins Friday April 28th.

Your input is appreciated.


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