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For me, the weekdays - with the reduced traffic - are my favorite. Coming from Indiana, I get a bonus in that my Wed ride - if planned correctly - offers a extra day of windy and hilly roads on the way to START.

Do you have a trailer option - if you could arrive early enough to ride Wed and Thursday, might be worth it. But I've always been a bit crazy that way, thinking nothing of driving all night to make a plan come together. My wife is not a fan of all nighters in the car.

I am not a fan of riding at night, but I have done more than my share of it. Last year Larry, Chris and I got an early start on the way home. I ended up leaving them in Shreveport and rode all the way home. So I think I could at least make it back to Texas on Friday night. Early enough that I could ride the rest of the way to the wedding Saturday morning. Of course, my wedding clothes will spend a week folded up in my saddle bags. Might have to bring boots besides my steel tipped MC boots...

I am leaving it up to Larry. If I don't attend START, I could probably ride out to Spring Torrey...

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