The following members made a 2017 donation to support the website and this community of riders and friends.

Scott Dewar
Albert Glabacs
Eric Sokoloff
James Hance
John Hight
That guy in FL again. . .
. . .and again
Doug Hopwood
Henry Cook
Robert Stevens
Roger McKim
Jason Miller
Charles Swanson
Wilhelm Schimko
Sam Jones
Brad Woodlief
John Ranalletta
Lester Vermiere
Michael Barksdale
Brian Hagen
Robert Smyth
Burton Jones
William Walker
Michael Larson
John Herbert
Larry Barasch
Michael Stock
Mitchell Patrie
Nicholas Homryak
Thor Anderson
Don Schmok
Larry Krause
Byron Meade
Larry Kraus
William Wood
John Betit
David Douglass
Padej Gajajiva
Chris Kinney
Mark Mayhew
Pat Brothers
Chris Oudekerk
Fred Hoyt
David Cantin
Michael Nolan
Erwin Wieland
Brian Hagen
Tom Houston
John Denney
Al Schibi
Richard Elarde
Lynn Kanable
Stephen Harvey
Philip Brennaman
Leland Hopper
Gary Schaub
Bob Guffanti
Kenneth Crosby
Charles Purdum
Mark MacDonald
David Biasotti
Gas Station Grafix
. (da Whips)
Mike Greiff
C. Reinhard
Shaun Roberts
Larry Bump
David Swift
Randy Etheridge
Mark Bonar
Rand Coburn
Mikko Sannala
Rickard Tall
Carl Williams
Joel Gross
Ken Smith
Mark Monninger
Haldor Buck
Robert Stevens
Scott Miller
Jay Schillinger
Eric Schneeweis
David Smith
Steven Huber
Chris Olson
John Hight (again)
Roxanne Bowers
Paul Dennis
Eckhard Grohe
James Kirkendall
Alan Donnels
Frank Cannarella
Joseph Broadbent
Daniel Butler
Harry Luth
Larry Royalty
Michael Cassidy
John Heckenlaible
Ed Apelian
Warren Brownell
Thomas Spiering
Ron Cooper
Charles Elms
Christopher Patterson
Paul Casterlin
The Dutchie
Robert Calland
Shawn Goulding
Jim Gullen
John Bentall
Roger McKim
Robert Litavecz
James Soque
William Wood
Byron Meade

Just a note to say Thank You. When we receive notification of your donation, it comes in the form of an email from PayPal. So if we send a Thank You note as a reply to the email, it goes to PayPal and not to you. We see the name of the sender, but since everyone uses screennames, we may not know who John Smith is and can't look up your actual email.

So if you didn't get a Thank You reply, that's why. We truly and sincerely appreciate all donations to help keep this site online and moving forward.

Cary, Gleno, Rodger, Paul,
Godspeed, my brothers.
We will never forget you.

Teach your children about taxes. Eat 40% of their ice cream cone.

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