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I attended most of the El Paseo events but don't remember you by your Board name. Can not find out much about you on your profile. Hope you show up at START 2017 - you will not be sorry you attended and will only be sorry it has been so long since attending one of the east coast BMWST events!

My current username is not the same one I used years ago. Back then I made a mistake by using my last name as a username and since then my personal policy concerning the internet has become more of a private one. Thus, I have since changed every username I use publicly on all discussion boards including this one.

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You aren't the young man who rode the red K non-stop from Oklahoma, after work, through that weather, arrived with a huge smile, had fun, was never seen again, are you him by any chance?
We thought you had a good time...

I regret to report that I am not the guy who burned the midnight oil from Oklahoma! Somehow, though, I do have a recollection of that story but I'm not sure if it's something I experienced first hand at the event or read secondhand here.

I promise I am not purposely trying to be mysterious. My name is Brian and I disappeared for quite a few years so I expect most of you wouldn't remember me. I mostly lurked here on the board and was probably a bit meek at the two events I attended. But I did have a blast both times and met a few people whom I remember fondly. I haven't ridden my bike all that much in the past five years but I've kept it because of the sentimental value of it being the bike I've ridden to both coasts. I'll keep an eye on those upcoming dates in Maggie Valley with the hopes of getting back up on two wheels and meeting up with you fine folks again someday!