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This sounds like this is going to be a good time can't wait,looking forward to meeting all you guys.

You'll have a great time, Mark! Looking forward to meeting you as well, neighbor! clap beer

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I haven't been to an Appalachian area event since it was called El Paseo back in 2006. Ten years gone. Where does the time go? confused tongue

This is on my radar. cool

Then it's way past time you made another appearance read old thumbsup

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We're talking about it...

Tim, It'd be awesome if you can make the trip! clap clap thumbsup

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Well, the best laid plans. Unfortunately there is a high probability that I will be out of town on business.

Shawn, keep us in mind if things fall apart - you still gotta get the cobwebs outta The Vette! read burnout

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Was thinking about this for a couple months...now IN with SO (Jennie)

Look forward to seeing you both again, Keith!

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Tasker?! Really?! That settles it; I'm in, arriving Thursday!

Great Jim!

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