Hello everyone, here's a link for START 2017 Maggie Valley Routes

The routes are coded to show direction first, then the route number (The lower numbers are the shorter routes), then part A or B with part A going to a restaurant and part B returning to Maggie Valley.
Next in the name is the mileage of the route with the first number being the mileage for that part, then the total mileage for the day when both parts are combined.
I tried to put known roads within the route name and the lunch location is in all caps.

Receiving Routes From Others.

Your maps and preferences may be different than those of the person you received them from, so to be sure you ride the intended route. You must do the following.

Open the GDB or GPX file in your software, then make duplicates of each route (usually a right click will show the option).
Change the color of the Duplicate route (usually double click, then go to “Info” and look there)
Note the mileage, then Re-calculate the Original route. The mileage should stay the same.
If the route mileage is different, look for the color you changed the Duplicate route to. You will need to add a Waypoint or Via point to the Original route to make it match the Duplicate route. Once the two routes are the same, delete the Duplicate route, then load the Original route(s) onto your GPS.


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