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cant' make this one folks, enjoy.

this whole work thing is overrated.

Chris - sorry to hear this. I hope something changes and you can join us! lurk

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I give up. I will have to see y'all at the UNRally.

Appreciate all the effort you were putting in to make Maggie work. Seems like the soon to be Bride and Groom are being awfully inconsiderate - they just move the whole shebang to Maggie! I mean, it's not like it's all about them! wave

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Arrive friday afternoon and leave sunday morning. See you then. Marty

Thanks for confirming Marty(!) - Looking forward to seeing you!

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I maybe dragging a friend (Walter)from Chattanooga along with me. He has a 2004 GSA with the Touratech supertank on it, 10.1 gals. So if you run out of gas it will be good to have Walter in the group!!

Walter and his Uber Tanker® have been added. The Valdez® has some competition this year!

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It's official, I'm out. I'll be moving up to the frozen tundra on MA and won't have the time to get make it.

You kids have fun, and I'll see you at the UN!!

Sorry you can't make it Matt - look forward to hearing about the Frozen Tundra at the UN.

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