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I'm bringing some to START, some like new, good deals.

Size 9 ish? Come see me. wave

Me Too - I'm always looking for gloves!

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PS, they don't have to match. rofl

Very true! My first 'road trip' on a bike was at age 17. I rode my GPz 7 hours to Frankfort, MI. A helmet and leather jacket and tennis shoes. Back then, I thought a helmet as ATGATT! Leaving for home a week or two later, I headed out at 6am FREEZING. Gloves? Why would anyone need gloves? 2 miles into my ride, I pulled over and dug out some dirty white socks and layered two pairs on my hands. whistle

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I have to hand it to you, Ken - you have this covered. Admitten you have a problem is the first step.

I suppose I make enough grammatical errors by not proof reading what I post, so this was probably categorized as another misspelling and sailed right by. Admitten - that's funny stuff right there. Then again, maybe not so much. dontknow computer