There are just a few rooms left at our Host Hotel. For those of you on the fence, this is the first of THREE offerings we'd like to share to illustrate the point that you really should be in Maggie Valley for START this year.

On the way home from FART in Sparta last Fall, I took a bit of a detour to to do some recon in Maggie. I wanted to meet our hosts for 2017's START and doing so would give me a great excuse add another day of riding and to meander back roads and explore.

The sacrifices Ken and I make!!

Here's our Host Hotel - of which we have the exclusive use of for START.

Plenty of ride up, front row parking (right next to Bob Uecker).

Large rooms with rear balcony.

And clean! When's the last time you saw one of these?!

The parking lot social will have lots of variables this year.

Lounge on the patio by the pool.

Get in the pool.

Share your best lies under the trees.

Savor the creek and campfire scene and practice the art of story tellin'.

Or ask the Scarecrow to help wash your bike.

If you've not joined us before - Ken and I and everyone else attending would love for you to join us this year. We continue to return to these events twice a year because the riding is outstanding, and the folks you meet here are even more so.

You'll fit right in. thumbsup

The second of the three installments I mentioned will be posted by the end of the weekend in 'Ride Tales That Last' and will offer a small sampling of the riding and scenery one can expect in the area. Others will be invited to add their photos to that thread from previous visits as well.

Stay Tuned!

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