It's a game about miles
Blood, Sweat and Gears.
It's a whole new adventure
It's crunch time
You can't teach that
If the glove fits . . ask Ken if he has the other one. wave

Whatever your favorite cliche is; Ken and I offer you THE COMPETITION OF A LIFETIME an easy way to win some swag while riding.

Mileage Estimate Contest

The entry that comes closest to guessing the total combined actual miles ridden to START for the group, wins.

The Winner can select their prize and it will be mailed to them.

To secure an entry, simply submit one original photo from 2017 START per person entering.
For example: If you're in a group of 3, 3 photos would need to be submitted for 3 entries. Photos can be submitted individually or from one phone/camera representing your group. If group submission, please list your group members. Husband and wife teams are the exception and one photo can count for both.

A sign in sheet will be in the reception area for you to record your mileage when you check in.

We'll be tallying up the mileage for those who show up on motorcycles.

Entry forms will be handed out, collected and the winner announced at dinner Friday.

Photos can be sent by text or email. This information will be provided at check in.

A 'tentative' list of START rider's origins - as best I know - will be posted next week. I do not have complete information, so it will just serve as a rough guide. Remember there will probably be last minute changes after it's posted.

Deadline for recording your trip mileage is 5pm Friday.

********* Please remember to track and record you mileage to Start ***********

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