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A real bummer too as I was going to expose all of you to my Son-In-Law who unlike me is one hell of an American.

I'll keep the cigars sealed up and ready for the Un which I can't miss or I'll have to answer to Mr. Roe.

The folks at the hotel are on vacation, but after the e-mail and voice mail I just left I'm sure the room will open up in the next day or so.

Enjoy friends, see you at the Un.

Sorry to hear Jake - We'll look forward to meeting your Son in Law and your new bike soon!

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I've got a couple of riding buddies here in Clarksville, Gary and Jimmie who are going to join us starting Thursday. Gary rides an old Honda and Jimmy is on an '07 Road King. In addition, one of their friends, Chuck is coming as well.

Awesome Mike, looking forward to meeting them. clap

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