SWEET SASSY MALASSY!! The event you've waited all Winter for is just days away! beer clap dance

To give you something to ponder while you plan your route and pack up, here's some registration info and the current list of attendees and their origin states.

When you register, there will be a table adjacent to the front desk for you and those in your group to note your arrival and the distance you traveled to get to Maggie. It will look something like this:

This is the sheet we'll use to tally up the the total distance traveled by the group. We'll also have the mileage contest info for you to to send/txt your pictures to. Once you do that, like a Donkey Eatin' A Waffle, you'll be set to enter the Contest Extravaganza(!) Friday night at Snappy's

Note there are a few coming that I don't have info for, and remember - husband/wife and families will count as ONE for mileage purposes, but those individuals are in fact listed individually on this list! Hey - I'm not doing all your work for ya!

State Riders
AL 1
DC 1
FL 7
GA 7
IN 3
LA 1
MD 2
MI 1
NC 10
OH 2
OR** 3 Wild Card
SC 2
TN 9
VA 2
Unknown 3


Workin' Them Angels . . .overtime
06 R12RT

Bumbling BackRoad Riders™

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