Just to rehearse the mileage contest:

1) When you arrive, record your personal mileage from your point of origin to Maggie Valley Creekside on the sheet provided.

2) To get your entry to guess the total mileage for the group, submit a group, selfie, scenery (or combination of such) photo to Ken or me from your journey to or while at START 2017.

Each photo will only count for one person - so if you are in a group of 5, you would need to 5 (different) photos for everyone in your group to get an entry. One of you can submit pictures for you entire group, they do not have to be individually submitted, but just mention who the photos are for.

2.5) Where to send your pictures will be revealed when you check in.

3) Everyone who has a picture submitted by them or for them will get an entry at dinner Friday night and we'll get our crack team of accountants to research and announce the winner before meals end.

**There's a very, very good chance there will be another winner announced for a unannounced contest (hint).

Ken will use some of the pictures in 'Ride Tales'. Our hope is that we'd get representative photos that document a typical START/FART.

If that still seems complicated:
To get an entry - submit a picture by Friday night.

Remember - Josh has been on a months long trip, so his mileage will be significant! read stir

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