Probably not the PC thing to do on this thread, but I have stuff that was my wife's that riders could use. I'll bring it if someone speaks up.

Ogio Helmet bag: great for flying, has room for the helmet and your miscellaneous carry on stuff. $40 at Revzilla, $20 at NmS, used once.

Rev'It Medium unisex rain oversuit, goes on in seconds, over boots and your suit, keeps you completely dry. $100 new, $50 at NmS.

Electric passenger gloves, size large, Warm n Safe brand. I dunno what they cost new, but half price is the deal. They work a heck of a lot better than the rider gloves.

Bestem brand bag liners for RT (I used them in my '06, so any with bags like that will work. Heavy duty nylon. Zipper pulls on one of them wore out, so I put zip ties on them. $$30.

I'll be happy to talk price.

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2016 R1200RT