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If any of you riders are interested in a ride on Saturday the 29th, 9:30 am at the parking lot in front of Jack in the Box Oakhurst, then be there. I will be going on a 250 mile ride north mostly off of Hwy 49 all back roads. Dinner at El Jardin Mexican Restaurant in the old mining town of Columbia. Then fuel up in Jamestown with more back roads back to Priest Station for coffee, desert etc. in Big Oak Flat continuing to Coulterville, then the "Dragon" on Hwy 49 back to Oakhurst.
Should be a pretty ride, foothills are green, lakes are full and roads are great.
I will be at Jack in the Box around 9:00 am.
Rain will cancel!!


This sounds great! I was kinda wanting to head in a northerly direction this year, always better with a native guide to show us around, thanks thumbsup

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