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Yes, the contest is a bit of a guess even if you knew exactly where everyone is coming from. You have to calculate how "out of the way" most of us might ride to get there. The final number could be pretty interesting.

The biggest "guess" is how to you calculate Josh Szurszewki and his family's mileage. From the point they were at when they decided to attend START '17 or from their departure from last year's UnRally in Red Lodge, MT on their trip of a lifetime! confused

This seems a valid concern! Our intention is to list mileage from our start in Portland October if last year (had to go home after the Un and work into September!) since we "intended" to come to START but weren't sure f the timing would work. I'm happy to give as many hints as the contest organizers think are warranted.

Here's one to start: we went from Portland to Bakersfield, then Altus OK, back over to San Diego, down to Barra de Navidad MX, up to Austin, down to Dauphin Island, up to Nashville IL, over to Nashville TN, down to Key West, and are now working our way up the coast planning to turn inland after Wilmington NC....

Good luck!

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