That's fine Mike, we're glad you're going to join us!

For Mike and any other new comers - START/FART isn't structured much, apart from the group dinner Friday night. There aren't any set rides or group rides - apart from what you set up yourself. Some folks ride solo. Some ride with a buddy or two. Some others will go in a larger group. Where you go and with who at what time is totally at your own discretion. Not everyone rides everyday and some won't ride at all.

The other main ingredient is the Parking Lot Social. From late afternoon/ early evening until late at night, the parking lot turns into a large gathering of riders conversing, meeting, looking at bikes, telling lies and consuming beverages of various types. Generally there will be various other gatherings here and there that branch off from the parking lot - and Maggie has several places to facilitate that as well.

Don't be afraid to introduce yourselves and make yourself known! There will be old friends who may be sitting in groups, this is not meant to be exclusionary, so feel free to join in and say hello! beer thumbsup

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