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Not much chatter out there about Fall Torrey. Here, in SW Ohio the hot humid weather is starting to abate a bit, tonight is perfect. Must be getting time for a Fall ride. My bike is well shod and up to date in the service dept. Went to the UN in East Tennessee/West N Carolina and had a great time riding down there and I am ready for more. This being my first Torrey will someone have some routes written down to fill my days when there? Or destinations within reach in a day ride?


There aren't any designated GPS routes or maps of rides that I know of, the kind offered or handed out... I've never seen them if they exist.
Great roads in the area. There will be different groups and one day rides. You'll enjoy what ever you choose, it's a great area!
The Gooseberry-Fremont Road to Hwy72 is an easy one day ride. The Burr Trail and Boulder Mountain another. There's much to do and great riding!

If you have time there are the national parks, Zion, Bryce etc.
How many days are you coming out for?