Late post, but oh well. Missed last month due to rally and well, forgot. So here it is. Going to try something new this month and go to the Bethany Public House. GVB was getting old, so when it gets old, try something new. Other than bikes, you don't get rid of old bikes, you just buy new and keep the old...anyway..........

August 16th, 2017......

Bethany Public House
4840 NW Bethany Blvd
Portland, OR 97229

Basically NW Bethany and NW Laidlaw. I might suggest using Bethany and not 143/Kaiser to get there. I think that route gets busy. Don't know though, Bethany may be a crappy route too. Its Portland after all.

Let's still aim for 5:45 and see what happens. All of the other stuff is the same.........


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