1. When you check in at the hotel - please record BOTH your present bike odometer (not trip) reading and the year of your bike. read

2. You'll need to send at least one or more (hint hint) picture(s) of any of: you, your group, your bike and scenery or any such combo from your Blowing Rock trip or ride, along with a specialty marked Box Top to: startfarting@gmail.com. Doing so will enter you into the Blowing Rock Bonanza Not To Be Missed Dinner Quiz Competition™ © fine print: Email your pictures before the meal beer whistle old

3) The bar opens at 5:30 and the meal is at 6:30 on Friday (April20th).

4) Today (Thursday) is your last chance to get in on Friday's meal deal.

5) Just a friendly reminder. Up this way, its not been much of a Spring. Shaking down the bike yesterday for a couple hundred miles revealed dirty roads, large pot holes and plenty of dirt/ gravel here and there. I don't know what the roads are like where you are from or what roads you'll be taking to START, but just a reminder that the road surface may have changed since you rode it last and there may be a few more ...challenges..... on the roadway to be on the lookout for! wave

Kinsley bike and I ohboy are very much looking forward to seeing you all next week! clap yes wave lurk

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To make an on-line reservation at the GROUP RATE, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to the Reservations Page at: http://www.reservations.meadowbrook-inn.com
2. Select your Arrival and Departure Dates and Number of Adults
3. Enter the following access code to view the discounted rate: 80418B

You can also call the hotel at 828-295-4300 and use group code: BMW Motorcycle Group or 80418B

EDIT: Kinsley bike and I whistle encourage you to 'follow' this thread so that you're kept informed of important announcements, dinner and route postings. . . and the occasional banter rofl stir old. By following the thread, you won't have to go searching page by page for announcements - they'll be delivered to your email inbox. To follow the thread, simply click the down arrow in the upper left box labeled "Thread Options" and highlight "Follow" thumbsup

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....... as of 8:45 PM EST April 15th, 2018

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as of April 15th, 08:45pm

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We're a month out from Blowing Rock and here is a link to the START 2018 Routes .
Note: Route 1 goes to Shatley Springs and they said they will be very busy on Saturday, so you may want to ride that route on another day to avoid crowds.

Ride Safe.


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