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Edit: Note the grass stain on my friends shirt. He fell out of a Ricksha in the infield . . . . rofl

Nice pic. Glad to hear Indy is still Indy.

There is quite a colorful narrative that begins about 5:45am leading up to that photo, and as one can imagine, the story continues afterwards. It will make for a good parking lot tale sometime if anyone has interest. We hold 16 seats between 3 immediate rows of seats for the 500 - so there is more going on here unseen than just the unknown fan in awe seated next to me taking a picture of the Modern Version of David.

In my defense, I will only say that Brian - the water pouring gentleman - and his son had taken his sons GF for a tour of the aforementioned Infield. Brian's son had left me in charge of a large container (accounts as to the relative amount of beverage that was remaining in the container when the chain of custody fell to me is disputed between several parties) of his seemingly innocuous beverage concoction. In their absence, I discovered how tasty said beverage was. And curiously addictive. beer By the time they returned from the infield, the mystery concoction had worked its magic not only on Brian and his son (who off camera is seated - but only because he is propped up), but also on . . . wait for it . . . Yours Truly ! Shortly after this photo was taken (for posterity purposes spittake) my wife offered to hold my drink for me. It seemed very thoughtful to me at the time, since I'd dropped my phone twice by then wave - I figured she was wanting to spare the innocent fans seated in front of me the possibility of me spilling my beverage on them. . . spittake Alert readers will have surmised by now that IF that was a concern of hers, it was not her primary concern. rofl

Many in our group that year I have known all of my life. Even so, many were overheard saying variations of this sentiment: I have never seen Dave so . . . colorful. I must have had a great tan that year??

And yes, I did get the recipe for the addictive beverage whistle

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