Afternoon Everyone:
I know it is fall and winter is coming soon, but I am in need of new summer gloves. My Klim Mojave gloves have had it and need to be retired. I have been looking heavily at Held Airstream II's, but I am not 100% on the wagon. Thus, why I am here to pick the brains of my fellow ST people Here are the gloves I have been contemplating:
Held Airstream II
Klim Induction (Long)
BMW Air Flow

I do not care nor want Gore Tex for my summer gloves so that I can have maximum airflow. Gauntlet or half gauntlet is what I am hoping for, though not a deal breaker. The summers here in the Raleigh area of NC can be very humid, plus I do not mind if my hands get wet from rain. I would like to stay under $200, but I have budgeted up to $250 so that I can find a good and solid pair of gloves that will last for more than one riding season (unlike my Mojave's). I am open to other brands, just do not know enough to make a solid decision.
Thanks everyone

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