Nicol's '06 Mini Cooper S is in need of a new clutch as it's shifting poorly. Seeing as a clutch job is more expensive then the KBB trade-in value (that's depressing), I thought I'd try and tackle it myself. Wow, what a monster of a job this has been.
Two schools of thought here. Either yank out the engine or drop the transmission out the bottom. Both methods suck and are a lot of work, but I chose the latter. Here's some pics of the car and everything that has come out/off, including the sub-frame, before you can get to the transmission.

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As it turns out, the clutch disk was worn, but not horribly. But, the throw-out bearing had come apart and bits were rolling around the bell housing. I'm still putting it back together as I'm waiting on a couple parts that I may have broken during tear down dontknow
This car has been a lot of fun over the years, but it's a beast to work on.

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